Sales & Events

Blind Date with a Book

Now through Valentine’s Day | $1.99

Take a chance on falling in love with a new book—or two, or three.

We’ve handpicked titles in multiple genres, wrapped them up in brown paper and inscribed each with a personal ad hinting at the contents within. From today until Valentine’s Day for just $1.99, love is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with your book date, simply swap it out for another of equal value.

Warehouse Sales

Thursday-Sunday (9am-8:05pm Thur-Sat; 9am-5pm Sun)

A little loose change goes a long way. 10,000+ items. 99¢ books, 25¢ kids books, 59¢ CDs, DVDs and comic books. (Warehouse items only)

Feb 7-10
Feb 28-March 3
March 21-24

Bag Sales

Sunday (9am-5pm)

Fill grocery-sized bags of books for just $4.99 each. (Warehouse items only.)

Feb 10
March 3
March 24

Vinyl Sales


Day 1: $2.99. Day 2: 79¢. Day 3: 29¢

Feb 2-4
Feb 23-25
March 16-18

DVD Sales


Our two-day sale of selected DVDs! Day one: $1.99. Day two: 99¢

Feb 5-6
Feb 26-27
March 19-20



Music lovers rejoice! Buy-1-Get-1-Free CDs.

Feb 18
March 11

Collectibles Events

Tuesday 3:30-6pm

Bring collectibles to sell. Collectors will make an offer on the spot.

Feb 19
March 19