Must be pretty nice to get everything for free?

Yes, it is helping a lot! We feel so much love and support from local readers!

We are paying it forward by giving 150+ kids a week a chance to get 50 books each, and they get to pick what they like best from 1000+ books. We call it the “Instant Home Library Giveaway” and signup/tickets are required so we will have good logistics. Learn More»


Is your selection suffering, since you're not buying?

No, we used to buy about 10 pallets of used books each month from an Internet bookseller (books that they can’t use). Now we’re buying about 30 pallets/month. We are also buying CDs and DVDs by the pallet, and most of these are going to our Super Safe Outside Sale for $1.


What does 'unstickered' mean?

Anything item without price sticker with our logo on it is unstickered.

Why do you give away books with Free Book Cards?

To promote literacy! To spread the love! Every one gets one free unstickered book per year. The Free Book Cards are good for you and everyone in you group.

What if I can't find the book I want?

We’re happy to add it to your Wish List and contact you if it comes in within 90 days.

How much do you pay for books?

We pay at least $7 for hardcovers released in the last 60 days (except kids books). Beyond that, what we pay for books and DVD/Blu-ray discs is varies greatly. We need to see the items to quote numbers. The amount we pay is based on supply, demand, condition, and what we can sell the item for.

Do you buy rare/expensive books?

Yes. We can buy these all day, every day.

Do you have enough inventory of the same title to supply Book Clubs?

If we don’t, we can get them in for you. Orders placed by 11:30am on Mondays arrive the following day by 2pm. Orders placed by 11:30am on Thursdays arrive the following day by 2pm. You get 20% off the publisher’s list price, even if you’re only ordering one. There aren’t any special order fees.

What's this about Free Book Days?

Several times a year, we hold a Free Book Day, and everyone’s invited. You can pick a free book from any of our unstickered books (more than 10,000 to choose from, any genre). To get email announcements once a week, subscribe here.

We're fundraising for a good cause. Do you make donations?

We give Book Bucks for some events, including raffles/auctions with more than 100 participants. Check in with any team member (no need to send a letter, or ask for a manager).


I'm a local author. Will you sell my book in your store?

Send an email to authors@grassrootsbooks.com with the title of your book and a description and we’ll let you know if we are able to carry it in the store.


Do you appraise books?

No, we are not appraisers. We do make cash offers.


Do I get more money if I get store credit rather than cash?

No, it’s the same amount either way. If you would like store credit, we provide that as a gift card.


Can I wait to use store credit?

Sure, we can load the amount onto a gift card, even one that already has money on it. Or, get cash.


Do you give teacher/veteran/senior discounts?

No. If we were to give discounts, we’d have to raise our prices first. Everyone gets the same great price!