What does Unstickered mean?

Anything without a Grassroots Books price tag on it is unstickered.

What if I cant find a book I really, really want?

We’re happy to add it to your Wish List and call you as soon as it comes in. How easy is that?

How much do you pay for books?

The amount we pay is based on supply, demand, condition, and what we can sell the item for. Bring everything, and we’ll take a look.

Do you buy rare/expensive books?


Do you have enough inventory of the same title to supply Book Clubs?

If we don’t, we can get them in for you. Orders placed by 11:30am on Mondays arrive the following day by 2pm. Orders placed by 11:30am on Thursdays arrive the following day by 2pm. You get 20% off the publisher’s list price, even if you’re only ordering one. There aren’t any special order fees.

What's this about Free Book Days?

Several times a year, we hold a Free Book Day, and everyone’s invited. You can pick a free book from any of our unstickered books (more than 10,000 to choose from, any genre). To get email announcements once a week, subscribe here.

Why do you give away free books with Free Book Cards?

To promote literacy! To spread the love!

Would you donate stuff to a good cause?

We give Book Bucks for some events, including raffles/auctions with more than 100 participants. Check in with any team member (no need to send a letter, no need to ask for a manager).