Who we are

Grassroots Books started out in a garage near Seattle in 2003 with a box of books and a mom who wanted to spend more time with her kids. But, it rains too much in Seattle…

Fast forward a decade: We’re in Reno and home to a selection of 40,000+ books. And home-away-from home for 40 employees and a fast-growing fan base.

How do we do it? Our prices.

Our constantly-changing inventory of used and new books are priced so low, people ask us how we stay in business.

We’ve made book buying more affordable than ever. In many cases, cheaper than a cheeseburger on a dollar menu.

What’s in store for you?

New books 50-90% off list price
Brand-new bestsellers 20% off list price
Used books starting at 99¢
Super-sized sales every month
Lots of toys, gifts for under $5

We’re also a great gift store

From kids’ birthday parties to the holidays, we’ve got you covered. We stock up on inventory around the holidays to bring down the cost of gifting.

Super-sized sales

Good books and good deals abound at our monthly Warehouse Sale with 10,000+ books starting at 99¢. You can fill a grocery bag with warehouse books for $4.99 at our Bag Sales.

Did we mention our Free Book Days?

There’s so much going on, but you can keep on top of the savings with our monthly calendar.

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See Now

We like to think of ourselves, not just as a local bookstore with the best bargains, but also a fun place to hangout. Even catch an event or two. We’d like everyone who walks through our doors to feel at home:

  • Free tea
  • Free wifi

Unstickered* Prices


Used Paperbacks $1.99


Used Hardbacks $3.99


Kids Books $1.99

up to grade level 6


CDs 99¢

(see calendar)


DVDs $3.99, or 3 for $9.99


Comic Books 99¢


Video Games $2.99


Audio Books $6.99

*unstickered item are unmarked. Meaning there is no Grassroots Books pricetag.